7th Impurities: Genotoxic, Nitrosamine & Beyond Summit 15-16 March- Italy& Online

I’ve seen a couple of emails about this conference. Anyone attended before? Worth the price of virtual admission?

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Dear, @conudel, @AndyTeasdale, @PauloEliandro, @ASrinivasan, @schlinjo1975, and @MichaelBurns.

I would appreciate it if you could share the information about this event with us.

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I guess it says something that the website is blocked due to phishing.

7th Impurities Genotoxic, Nitrosamine & Beyond Summit Italy.pdf (893.0 KB)

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Sure, Yosukemino San
Unfortunately I am not going to be there in person, due to health issues. But will present and hopefully we can have a good discussion after it is over.
7th Impurities Genotoxic, Nitrosamine & Beyond - agenda v1502.pdf (4.1 MB)


Thank you for sharing the agenda. There are many interesting topics at the conference. I think most topics related to nitrosamines are covered in it. Besides, two Q&A sessions will help all participants deal with nitrosamine issues, even in virtual participation. I want to participate in it next year.

I am always grateful for your help. And take care of yourself, please.


Thank you for confirming. The agenda looks great.

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