7th Impurities: Genotoxic, Nitrosamine & Beyond Summit 15-16 March- Italy& Online

I’ve seen a couple of emails about this conference. Anyone attended before? Worth the price of virtual admission?

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Dear, @conudel, @AndyTeasdale, @PauloEliandro, @ASrinivasan, @schlinjo1975, and @MichaelBurns.

I would appreciate it if you could share the information about this event with us.

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I guess it says something that the website is blocked due to phishing.

7th Impurities Genotoxic, Nitrosamine & Beyond Summit Italy.pdf (893.0 KB)

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Sure, Yosukemino San
Unfortunately I am not going to be there in person, due to health issues. But will present and hopefully we can have a good discussion after it is over.
7th Impurities Genotoxic, Nitrosamine & Beyond - agenda v1502.pdf (4.1 MB)


Thank you for sharing the agenda. There are many interesting topics at the conference. I think most topics related to nitrosamines are covered in it. Besides, two Q&A sessions will help all participants deal with nitrosamine issues, even in virtual participation. I want to participate in it next year.

I am always grateful for your help. And take care of yourself, please.


Thank you for confirming. The agenda looks great.

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Hi Fellow Nitrosamine SMEs,
Just wondering if there is anyway to get access to the presentations from this conference as it will be very helpful from the variety and complexity of the Nitrosamine topic. Much appreciate any response.