Potential Topic for an event concerning obtaining the right level of Nitrosamine Risk Assessment information from your CMOs

@romnaiffer, in my mind, having a few Zoom/Teams meetings to discuss best practices from start to finish would be great. See my thoughts below. After this, I would hope we could move to confirmatory testing and control strategies.

Supplier Questionnaires
Risk Factors
Alert Structures
Final Disposition
NAP Test
Review Frequency

I’m not the one to say write vs. wrong, but I’m happy to host, if we think there is interest.


Hello, I have found that good communication skills and some adjustments in a QTA/QAA have opened doors for raw material suppliers to share more detailed information than what is found on the IPEC questionnaires, without compromising trade secrets. In addition, a teleconference with technical team to set the landscape provides them understanding for why there are so many questions.

On another note, I have found that some raw material manufacturers whose main customers are for food grade material are a bit behind, or simply state it does not apply to them.