Q&A Nitrosamine SAR working group (23 companies and universities)

This PPT was presented by Kevin P. Cross, PhD (Instem PLC) @kpcross and David J. Ponting, Ph.D. (Lhasa Limited) @David at QSAR 2021 and describes Lhasa and Instem’s collaborative efforts in the area of N -nitrosamine assessment, including the nitrosamine SAR working group - currently comprising of 23 companies and universities.

QSAR2021 Cross Nitrosamines SAR FINAL.pdf (790.9 KB)


Hi Naiffer @Naiffer_Host ,
Thanks for sharing. This is a very important Topic that requires more attention & understanding.

@DAB I will be on the lookout for today’s webinar recording by @David and @MichaelBurns on exactly this topic.
Michael walked us through a fantastic compile knowledge surrounding the formation of the N-nitroso moiety.

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Thanks, the entire session is worth a revisit.
Thanks to all the Presenters for putting together such an excellent broadcast, it was perhaps the first session which provided Insights into Drug Product RA by GSK and Libbs, lots of knowledge sharing


Thanks @Naiffer_Host and @DAB. I’m pleased you found the presentations useful. I believe the talks are now available online. The slides can be found here, and i believe recordings will also be made available shortly.



Hi, @MichaelBurns. It was a very fantastic workshop. And I made a new thread to discuss further. Recordings have already been uploaded, so I will watch them repeatedly later.

And I also introduce you another thread. Your knowledge is definitely helpful for other participants, I think. Chemistry of formulation may be different from just chemical reactions, however I would like you to post your thoughts.

The latest from the Nitrosamine SAR workgroup is a Tox Forum Symposium on nitrosamines on August 2, 2021. Here is the symposium description.nitrosamine_toxforum_session_summer_2021_FINAL.pdf (143.2 KB) And there are the slides from my presentation. Tox Forum 2021 Cross Nitrosamines SAR no audio.pdf (849.0 KB)
I have also recorded this presentation if people are interested I can make it available.


@kpcross We will welcome the opportunity to re-watch the presentation that you kindly upload slides from. Let mw know if I can assist you with sharing the recording. Thx

Do you know if we can access @jbercu slides? We have been discussing in the community details from " Use of less-than-lifetime (LTL) durational limits for nitrosamines: Case study of N-Nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA)" Redirecting

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From @MonazBmysorewala

You will have to contact Joel Bercu for his slides.

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Thank you Kevin @kpcross .
Appreciate if you could share the recording with the community.

If you desire to listen to me narrate my Tox Forum slides you can do so with this link:


Thanks Kevin @kpcross, Appreciate your prompt repsonse.