The goal of this community is to create a better way for us to engage with you to create and share considerations and discussion around Nitrosamine risk assessment approaches. To help make that happen, we’ve put a few principles together and some other rules and points you need to keep in mind while participating in this community. Any violations will be evaluated and handled on a case-by-case basis.

The big three principles:

1) Ask lots of questions. No question is too big, small, or frivolous for this community. Questions make us better. They surface great expertise, they solve your problems, and help us learn what our stakeholders need. So, ask away!

2) Share your work. When everyone shares what they’re working on and gathers feedback, everyone wins. We’re eager for you to share what you’re up to, what you need feedback on, and benefit from the support of us (so long as it is not confidential or proprietary information).

3) Give plenty of feedback. This community is a great way for you to tell us how we can better support and work with you. If you like or dislike something we’re doing, you can tell us in this community.

We also encourage you to:

4) Have passionate debates. We welcome and encourage healthy, passionate, debates on key issues in this community. But never makes things personal. The moment the discussion shifts from the topic to the people we will end the discussion.

5) Show your gratitude and support for good contributions. If you like or agree with what another member has said or written, reply saying so. If you want support for your contributions, it helps to show your support to others.

6) Use your real name and photo. Pseudonymity is a wonderful thing, but given the nature of this community, we’re going to ask members to use their real names. We’re a small group and we all want to know who we’re talking to.

Please keep in mind:

7) Post appropriately. The community is meant to foster debates on key issues, but hateful, illegal, or inappropriate speech will not be tolerated.

8) No advertising or marketing. We welcome you to share information about upcoming conferences, new research, and helpful products, but in a way, that benefits the entire community. For example, creating a discussion around the content of an upcoming conference or upcoming product and gaining insight on recommended courses is acceptable. Uploading marketing material about the conference or product without engaging members for feedback or advice is not.

9) Be mindful of confidential information. Information posted will be available for any visitor to see. Only post information which you have a right to post. Be mindful not to post information which is confidential or proprietary and which you are not authorized to post, including intellectual property and personal information.

10) Refer to the Rules. Participation in the community is subject to the Rules, Terms of Use, and Disclaimers that you accepted when you registered.

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