1st release of Lhasa 'Complex Nitrosamines' data sharing initiative

Lhasa launched ‘Complex Nitrosamines’ data sharing initiative to advance the understanding of the mutagenic potential of structurally-complex (API-like) nitrosamines
To learn more about this initiative visit: Complex Nitrosamines

We will host Lhasa’s Global Alliance Manager in our next ‘Nitrosamines Conversations’ to learn more about this initiative and how this data-gathering exercise can benefit your Nitrosamine Assessment. Stay Tune!



Eagerly waiting about more from Lhasa!

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Dear @MonazBmysorewala. Sorry for my late reply. I am the one that is leading the Complex Nitrosamine Initiative at Lhasa. I will be happy to discuss with you about this initiative. Here is my email: carolina.martins-avila@lhasalimited.org


@Carolina.MA Thanks for the response… Do you mind sharing more with the community members additional details of this initiative and the overall goal.

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My pleasure @Naiffer_Host.

The Complex Nitrosamine aims to understand the mutagenic potential of structurally complex (API-like) nitrosamines. It is a collaboration facilitated by Lhasa Limited, in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, which enables pre-competitive data sharing.

  • Partners share Ames data on structurally complex (e.g. API-like) nitrosamines, which is input by Lhasa (in an anonymised form) into a shared database to enable read across and reduce duplicate testing.
  • The consortium also aims to use the data to improve structure activity relationships (SARs) for complex nitrosamines - identifying trends in compound complexity versus mutagenic potential.
  • The initiative has 6 formal members from big pharma companies and 4 new companies in the process of joining.
    Some of the benefits are Supporting Expert Review under ICH M7 and Time and Cost Savings.

Please feel free to ask for further detals. I will be happy to answer. :slight_smile:


The first release of the data into this database is now live, and there are some really exciting SAR trends! We’re still looking for more data to confirm these before publishing, so get in touch if you’ve got any…