Acceptable intake (AI) of N-Nitroso-N-methylbenzylamine (CAS 937-40-6)

Has any regulatory agency published the acceptable intake (#ng/day) for N-Nitroso-N-methylbenzylamine (CAS 937-40-6)? If yes, can this forum help me in the values. Otherwise can we determine the AI based on the CPCA score? Suggestion from this August forum is much appreciated.

To the best of my knowledge, N-Nitroso-N-methylbenzylamine (CAS 937-40-6) has not been listed by EMA or FDA yet.
It is carcinogenic, but no TD50 is avalaible;
Therefore CPCA score should be calculated by yourself:
Count of hydrogen atoms on each α-carbon [2, 3] and corresponding α-Hydrogen Score is 1
Aryl group bonded to α-carbon, Activating score -1
Score: 0
Potency Category 1 : AI = 18 ng/day
just for information, there is an online CPCA tool quite reliable:
Nitrosamine Potency Category


Many thanks for providing the clarity. Appreciate your prompt support.
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Can N-methyl-N-Nitroso phenylethylamine be considered a surrogate which is listed by HAs. N-methyl-N-Nitroso phenylethylamine has an AI of 8ng/day?
By any chance is it possible that HAs can ask to go with 8ng/day from 18ng/day.

My thought process is as follows. We have now clear guidelines from regulatory agencies to calculate the AI for Nitrosamine impurities which are not listed by agencies or whose TD-50 is not known using CPCA score.