Acrostic - facilitating, supporting and documenting read-across!

I’m proud to finally be able to announce something that we’ve been working on for a fair while now: encoding the SAR understanding that I’ve been developing, alongside access to Derek predictions, data within the LCDB, Vitic, and for members thereof the data in the Complex Nitrosamines data-sharing initative - or indeed to incorporate your own data into the assessment!

  • Expert patterns and the SAR I’ve been developing
  • Derek Nexus for evaluation of additional toxicophores
  • Cheminformatic similarity measures
  • Unparalleled data access
  • A framework to support and document your decision-making process

News article here! I’ve been working with development versions for a couple of months, and can confidently say it turns days of work into a matter of hours!


Congrats @David and team… Any chance we will see a demonstration?

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There’ll be several opportunities for a demonstration! We’re putting on a webinar (the one I’ve linked here) in April, and I’ll be talking Acrostic at every in-person Lhasa symposium this year - as will colleagues at many conferences, just as has been done at SOT which was the formal announcement.

For those organisations who are interested in getting access to Acrostic, my colleagues in Business Partnerships can arrange demonstrations, trials and ultimately full licenses - get in touch with your usual Lhasa contact, or here!

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Is this going to be only for organizations or individuals can access this?

Apologies for the slow reply to this! We cannot provide our software to individuals per se, but a registered company (which I understand you have as Raaha LLC) is able to access the software. I’ll DM you more details!