Any experience on Nitrosamines analysis in Sciex 7500?

Hi everybody. I have done some tests in a sciex 7500 mass detector however i can´t find the same fragments reported in pharmacopeia and articles, I´ve optimized twice but i have different results. My movil phase is formic acid 0.1% in water and formic acid 0.1% in methanol. I´ve tried to reproduce Sciex application note, have anybody do the same and be succesful?

Hola @Dulce_Chavez … Perhaps @AmandaGuiraldelli can provide some guidance or community members @Frabaneda @Jeyanalbert can provide some insights.

Hi @Dulce_Chavez can you communicate with me at the following email?
I will drive you to the America team to dig in your case.
If you´re trying to reproduce the technote, you should be able to do it.

@Frabaneda thanks to follow up with @Dulce_Chavez. Please share when you have any insight or learning that could help others in the community as well. Happy posting!

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Houve solução para este problema? Podem por favor partilhar. Mto obrigada

Hola, desafortunadamente tuvimos problemas con la fuente APCI, comenzamos a tener el ruido muy elevado que no nos permitía ver las nitrosaminas, se descartó contaminación en el equipo, contaminación ambiental, se reemplazo capilar, etc. Por tal motivo, detuvimos temporalmente la implementación del análisis de nitrosaminas.
En cuanto tenga alguna novedad lo compartiré por este medio.