Call to review USP Risk Assessment Review Toolbox

Greeting Nitrosamines Warriors! @trust_user_a @trust_user_b @trust_user_c @trust_user_d

:man_scientist: USP’s Nitrosamine Team has been developing a simple tool to assist with the Nitrosamine Risk Assessment. We are ready to form an advisory group to guide the final steps of the development.

:pray: I am searching for volunteers from different backgrounds who have actively worked on their organizations’ risk assessments and would like to participate in this advisory group. The time commitment should be minimal. The activities include a virtual tool review and conference call to discuss your feedback individually and as a group.
Similar to the Nitrosamines Exchange, this is another tool developed outside the compendial space USP-NF or General Chapter <1469>

Let me know if you want to join this advisory group.


I would be interested to join.

I would be interested to join.

Hello, I am interested to join. Regards. Diego

@Naiffer_Host , I am interested in joining this group.

I would be interested to join the group

I would be interested to join also.

I would like to join.

Interested to join in this group so that we together can upgrade and update

I am interested to join.

Hi @Naiffer_Host, I will be glad to be part of the advisory group and work together through a common goal.

Hola, me interesa participar, saludos

Hello Naifer!
I would like to participate.

Sounds like a win-win opportunity for all. Count me in!

Hi Naiffer,
Interested to participate in this initiative. Thanks.

I am interested to join this

Hi, I would be interested to join. Thanks

I interested to join

Naiffer, I will be happy to help in any way.

Good initiation and very much useful.
I am interested