Clinico-pathological correlations after intake of potentially nitrosamine/ NDSRIs contaminated drugs

It will be probably intresting to hear the international opinion regarding several important points:

  1. Is there any idea how to avoid the simultaneously intake of polycontaminated drugs in polimorbid patients?
  2. is there any idea if and when the following could become and have to becomereality: exact accurate indication of the nitrosamines present in the medicinal products / in terms of concentration ?
  3. given that a certain proportion of nitrosamines arise after a certain period and over time- are checks on drug production during specific periods, cacti and the formalization of these data in publicly accessible sites necessary for preventive purposes.
    4)The lack of answers and official opinions to the above questions/dilemmas is the reason why our collective has launched certain follow-ups of a retrospective/prospective nature.
    Within the latter, it has been repeatedly found that the intake of a medication declared as potentially/actually contaminated is associated with the development of melanomas and keratinocytic cancers. Polymedication and possible polycontamination: could they be considered in your opinion as a cause or cofactor of skin cancer?

News about the nitrosamine intake and the subsequent development of skin cancer :slight_smile:

Analysis of tumour tissue and correlations with the nitrosamine concentration and carcinogenic potency of each single mutagen has to be performed !
Additionally photosensitivity/ carcinogenicity of NDEA/ NDMA and other has to be clarified …