Covid 19 and Nitrosamines

With severe COVID 19 the difference seems to be Inos and Enos uncoupling and oxidative stress. Air pollution Nox, pm2.5, diesel emmisions, PAHs, heavy metals etc have been linked. Nitric oxide is involved both in the body and with air pollution. Several conditions linked to severity are also treated with Nitrosamine contaminated drugs. So could this play apart. If Nitrosamines are mutagenic can they cause other gene mutations other than ones that lead to cancer. Perhaps effect DNA repair. I read Covid 19 effects metabolic rate too. Do Nitrosamines effect animals and can they drive viral mutation. Why are Covid 19 mutations in the cosmic cancer database.
Can anybody explain to me why the side effects for Ranitidine has increased by an unprecedented amount over the pandemic. If the risk for Nitrosamines is so small why is the company who discovered them, Valisure now checking drug purity for the US military.

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Interesting perspective!