Drug-Nitrite interaction products -Publication review

Sharing important information from Brambilla et all review article “Genotoxic and carcinogenic risk to humans of drug–nitrite interaction products” (2007)

reference: Genotoxic and carcinogenic risk to humans of drug–nitrite interaction products - ScienceDirect

Drugs which has been tested for the formation of NOC by reaction with Nitrite



Thank you Naiffer. It is a very intersting paper to be read to another one that was also commented here a few months ago by Schmidtsdorff et all.

In fact, regarding the potential nitrosation of APIs and related impurities, with the recent paper by Schlingemann et all showing that “*40.4% of the analyzed APIs and 29.6 % of the API impurities are potential nitrosamine precursors”, and after such successful data-sharing initiatives such as the nitrite database by Lhasa, do you think it would be worth setting a similar data sharing initiative but regarding standard nitrosation tests (NAP tests) for APIs/related impurities?

I truly believe the industry as a whole would benefit from it since it would help focus efforts in those APIs that really can yield a nitrosamine.

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That’s a really good question… I think is worthy to start a post to inquired the community about the need or potential use of such standardized method.