Exploring the CPCA Framework: Defining Acceptable Intake for NDSRIs -Event

Multicase is hosting a virtual event “Exploring the CPCA Framework: Defining Acceptable Intake for NDSRIs” on January 9 and 11 2024

Join us for a comprehensive analysis of the CPCA, which will examine the framework’s scope, background, and practical applications through the CPCA prediction module in QSAR Flex. Case studies highlighting the derivation of alternative acceptable intake (AI) limits via surrogates or leveraging other qualified safety data will be presented, offering a detailed look at the scientific rationale behind second tiered, non-CPCA predictions


  1. Intro to CPCA Framework within QSAR Flex - Suman Chakravarti, MultiCASE
  2. Case studies using CPCA prediction module and surrogates with carcinogenicity data in QSAR Flex, including other considerations to offer a rational for alternative acceptable intake (AI) limits - Alejandra Trejo-Martin, Gilead Science
  3. Effect of surrogates with robust carcinogenicity data on establishing the acceptable intake limit for NDSRIs - Roustem Saiakhov, MultiCASE

Info and registration: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/7410594456597570648


Material from Presentations…

Roustem Saiakhov CPCA2024_MultiCASE_FINAL.pdf (1.9 MB)

Alejandra Trejo Martin_Gilead Science_Final.pdf (1.5 MB)


Yesterday’s session was excellent and informative. Thank you so much to the “MULTICASE” team and You for sharing this presentation for easy reference.