Florida District Court dismissed claims that "Ranitidine-NDMA caused cancer -" because of "unreliable methodologies" and lacked "science-based standards"

Dear Nitrosamines Exchange Team,

I heard that recently Florida District Court dismissed claims that “Ranitidine caused cancer - culprit suspected is N-nitroso Dimethyl amine (NDMA)” because of “unreliable methodologies” and lacked “science-based standards”.

Even though several cases related to Ranitidine Nitrosamines causing cancer are pending in other US states. This is interesting to know that court mentioned about “Science based standards” I Just quickly want to check, does anybody have idea what science based arguments went through that allowed court to dismiss claims Ranitidine-NDMA caused cancer.

This is throwing few questions:

  1. So is it really NDMA (nitrosamine) contributed to carcinogenicity associated with ranitidine as claimed early?
  2. Are really all nitrosamines would cause human relevant cancer when exposed at miniscule levels (ppb/ppm) with drug?
  3. Currently are we pushing towards overconservative and stringent limits for nitrosamines in drugs (default 26.5 or 18 ng/day) that stands as a hurdle for affordable medicines to reach public?