Formation of the N-nitroso Deviratives of six b-Adrenergic-blocking 'LOL'

With some much discussion around Nitroso-APIs related to Propranolol, Atenolol, Metoprolol… LOL family. I am some research from Robbiano et al

“Formation of the ,/V-NitrosoDerivatives of Six /?-Adrenergic-blocking Agents and Their Genotoxic Effects in Rat and Human Hepatocytes”

The genotoxic activity of the six nitrosamines was evaluated in primary cultures of both rat and human hepatocytes; DNA fragmentation was measured by the alkaline elution technique and DNA repair synthesis by quantitative autoradiography.

Formation of the N-nitroso derivatives of six beta-adrenergic-blocking agents and their genotoxic effects in rat and human hepatocytes.pdf (1.4 MB)