FY 2022 Generic Drug Science and Research Initiatives Public Workshop [May 9 - 10, 2022]

I found the youtube video of the workshop. The agenda is here. Lots of videos related to nitrosamines are available.

D1,S3,S2-Remediation of Complex Nitrosamines

D1,S3,S3-Understanding Endogenous Nitrosation -vs- Impact of Nitrosamine Impurities in drug products

D1,S4A,S1-Session Introduction

D1,S4A,S2-Nitrite in Excipients Pre-Competitive Data Sharing Initiative

D1,S4A,S3-Exploration of Forward-Looking Ideas for Inhibiting Nitrosamine Formation in Drug Products

D1,S4A,S4-Data Gaps & Evolving Areas in Controlling Nitrosamine Formation: Drug Products & APIs

D1,S4A,S5-Analytical Methods for Nitrosamines in Pharmaceuticals: Progress, Pitfalls and Prospects

D1,S4A,S6-Safety & Risk Assessment of Excipient Contributions to Nitrosamine Formation

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