Genetic Toxicity Association Meeting

Please join us this Wednesday-Friday 10am EDT to 4:30 EDT for the virtual GTA meeting. There will be 5 presentations on nitrosamines in the symposium I have organized, symposium 4.
There will also be another earlier talk on evaluating carc data, including nitrosamines.
Please to go to:
[](https://GTA Home Page)
The cost for the meeting is $50 US.
For GTA members (yearly dues $50) the meeting is free.
Recordings of the presentations will be available once the meeting has completed for registrants.
Kevin Cross
Chair Program Committee, GTA

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@kpcross Any highlights from the meeting discussion on Nitrosamines Risk Assessment?
I got asked if the recording or presentation will be available for a later view?


Slides from the GTA meeting and recording will be available soon from the GTA web-site for GTA members. The cost is $50 to join for the year.
A meeting summary is also be written and posted on the web-site.
The recording of my presentation is available here: