Genotoxicity Assessment using HepaRG Models

This may be of interest to those who understand the topic more…

Genotoxicity assessment of eight nitrosamines using 2D and 3D HepaRG cell models | SpringerLink

It’s a rather moot question I have in relation to this: Do we need another assay to assess genotoxicity of Nitrosamines. What for example would be the significance of a positive alongside say a negative Ames ?

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You and others in this forum are far more qualified than I to be able to answer that @AndyTeasdale.

Is it an alternative in the event of a positive Ames test rather than moving to Muta Mouse or similar? Especially with all of the capacity for those sort of tests fully booked for the rest of the year and next year.

Genotoxicity, the tests and everything associated with the field is far outside of my areas of knowledge, let alone expertise, until this year, though I am trying to catch up rapidly.

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