How ID all conditions and mechanism of Nitrosamine formations?

Recently @David and Adrian Fowkes presented two posters at International Workshop on (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationships in Environmental and Health Sciences. David’s poster highlights the global challenges of N-nitrosamine…
Please find below link to the poster with Lhasa:

@David, do you think we could organize a short presentation for the members and address particular questions about the approach described in the poster?


@Naiffer_Host I’m afraid I don’t necessarily have the capacity at the moment to add another webinar to an already busy schedule, but as well as the publications I’ve previously linked and more being written there are a number of webinars past and future which describe the work presented in greater detail - members are welcome to sign up to the upcoming ones, and I can answer questions on the previous ones!

Lhasa webinar on control of nitrosamine impurities (free, focussed on the recent Anvisa guideline) on the 14th July: 2021 Webinar | Lhasa Limited Nitrosamine Impurity Workshop
ToxForum seminar on nitrosamines, which I’m chairing, on the 2nd August:
I will also be presenting at the ACT annual meeting in November, for those attending, in a session focussed on nitrosamines.

Past webinars, with recordings available, include:


Thanks for sharing David @David