Impact of Different API Salts

Has anyone had any experience of the impact of different salts of the API on nitrosamine formation?

I’m sure I read somewhere around any HCl salts being particularly bad for nitrosamine formation, but I have read so much now that I can’t find it any more.

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I have not read any research on this? @schlinjo1975 @AndyT do you know of any?

I hope that nitrosamines haven’t taken over my life so much that I dreamt it!

But if I did dream it, and it works, then you read about it first here.

Obviously not a solution for all APIs with the changes that would be necessary both from a formulation and registration perspective, but a potential for some.

HCl is a proton source and Cl- catalyses the nitrosation by forming NOCl species.
This is one of the references mentioning the higher reactivity regarding nitrosation of API HCl salts than free base:

and also

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