Inhibition of N-nitrosamine in Drug Product, model says YES!

@lucas10mauriz shared with us via direct messaging recent publication from Nanda et all (Merck & Co) “Inhibition of N-nitrosamine Formation in Drug Product: A Model Study”, @leonardo.allain from Analytical science group is a contributor.

This article is a great compliment to the presentation that @ASrinivasan did for FDA at a recent Generic Drug Science and Research Initiative Public Workshop


Dear @Naiffer_Host , thanks for helping me with the post.

Dear everyone, I’d like to start a discussion about the possibility to inhibit nitrosamine formation in oral solid dosage forms as well as in solution.


Thankyou @lucas10mauriz @Naiffer_Host for sharing this Case study…
This will add a new perspective from the Formulation perspective as efforts as of now are more focussed on Excipients & their Risk Assessments.
Will read the document and revert back if there are any questions or thoughts from my end.

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Hello ,
It will be a pleasure for me to discuss with the group how can nitrosamines be inhibited in oral solid dosage forms ( if it is really possible)
Manchester University.pdf (132.6 KB)


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@lucas10mauriz @ccerati May I suggest to open a separate thread for this topic. Gustavo that way you can help us with the discussion and the related information.

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