IPEC Webinar on the role of excipients in determine N-nitrosamine risks

Next week…

IPEC Federation is hosting a webinar: The role of excipients in determining N-nitrosamine risks for drug products

:page_with_curl: This webinar provides an overview of the role of excipients in drug product risk assessments and the accompanying IPEC Federation position paper. In addition, the webinar includes best practices and examples for communication between excipient suppliers and users.

:woman_teacher: Presenters: Elizabeth Tocce and Ulrich Reichert

Session 1 - Tuesday 16 July – 16:00-17:00 CEST / 10:00-11:00 EDT
Session 2 - Wednesday 17 July – 9:00-10:00 CEST / 12:30-13:30 IST / 15:00-16:00 CST / 16:00-17:00 JST

Free ONLY to IPEC members.

Information: https://events.ipec-europe.org/webinar-nitrosamines/


Thank you very much.