List of available in stock nitrosamine standard

@Naiffer_Host can you please take initiative of preparing a list for the vendors having available in stock nitrosamine impurity standard particularly for NDSRI (Nitrosamine Drug Substance Related Impurity), so that if anyone want to analyse their API or Drug Product, then they can directly contact to the vendor for procurement. This will helps to save time for analysis. Anyone who has procured NDSRIs from any vendor can update that dynamic list. This is required because some of the NDSRIs are already synthesised at particular vendor and they already had experience to synthesis it which might not be possible by other vendors to synthesis it with greater purity. Thanks.


@Naiffer_Host Or you can create a community for the vendors who are supplying nitrosamine standard by inviting them to join the community and periodically they will update about their new synthesis and in stock product.


@Chirag That’s a great suggestion. Let me see what options we have without turning the post into marketing advertising.
I have some concern, because I have heard of several suppliers offering materials that are not produced to highest purity or quality possible and causing lot of trouble in the lab. I even hear about instances where the material in the vial is not what the label says or the person purchased (major ID problems!). But let me see what I can do!!

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