Looking for PT of nitrosaminesI

I am Ms. Buatip from Thailand.
I am looking for the Proficiency Test (PT) of Nitrosamines in pharmaceutical field.
Is there the PT provider available for volatile nitrosamines in pharmaceutical field?

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@FernandoUSP heads up

@Buatip that’s an interesting concept. Are looking for a particular family of Nitrosamines been contain in the PT scheme? Are you interested in API or Drug Product type of sample? Any particular type of platform (HSMS, TQ, etc)?

Dear Ms. Buatip
Thanks for your request for information. I will get back to you soon with USP potential plans to have a PT Scheme for Nitrosamines.

I am interested in the testing of API with HSMS. Thank you for your support.

I hope this topic is one of USP plans. Thank you for your support.

Yes, is in consideration, I will keep you posted.