Microfiltration and nitrosamine analytics

I work in microfiltration/sample preparation workflows (R&D) and would like to offer possible assistance and/or insight for filtration issues. Since my division specializes in membrane filtration, we thought it would be helpful for us to be part of this conversation.

  • Is filtration used in your workflow?

  • Are you experiencing challenges using membrane filters?

  • Would guidance on filter selection of type (material, format, pore size) be helpful? Membrane characteristics can have a substantial impact on sample preparation, and there is often a lack of information concerning membrane selection.

I would be happy to help with any inquiries you might have.

@dclare00 Welcome to our community. Are you able to share any case studies or application of microfiltration in Nitrosamine sample preparations? Thx

Hi Naiffer,

The nitrosamine issue has really come to our attention very recently. Ultimately, we hope to obtain some direction from analytical professionals here and elsewhere before pursuing our own validation work.

Hi @dclare00,

Thanks for offering help with this topic.

I have the following microfiltration question for you: our tests involved sample prep in pretty acidic conditions. What is your opinion on using 0.2 um Nylon filters for this sample prep specifically and for Nitrosamine sample prep generally? Mostly concerned about NDMA.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Susan,

My apologies for missing this the first time around! Thank you for following up again with your question.

Kind regards,