Mutagenic Impurities Strategies for Identification and Control - now published

I’m really pleased to hear that the book I have edited / authored relating to mutagenic Impurities has been published. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many of the experts in the field that assisted me in getting to the point. it is my hope this provides assistance to those involved in the field including in relation to N-Nitrosamines.


@AndyTeasdale congratulations!.. When is the book tour?!

Good idea ! As long as I can start off somewhere warm !

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I am very happy to hear it. Now I am waiting for the book coming. And I would like to know the salespoint of this book before arrival.

Dear Yosuke san

The book can be ordered through either Wiley directly or Waterstones, Amazon etc

Thank you @AndyTeasdale. I ordered it using the coupon you had sent to me.

And I will introduce the book in my presentation. :grinning:

Congratulations @AndyTeasdale

Now this book is out of stock. I will receive it in the last week of April, according to a distributor. I’m very sorry to hear it. :cry:

Hi Mino san

I know there was a production error that needed to be corrected which should be now resolved - this may be the reason

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Hi, @AndyTeasdale.
Thank you for sharing the information. I am looking forward to receiving it. :grinning: