N-nitrosamines considerations for Inhalation products

It seems that when we talked about Nitrosamines Impurities, for the most part, we refer to oral dosage forms. But how about inhalation drug products or other dosage forms?

A publication by Khan et al. “An Overview andDiscussion ofN‑nitrosamine Considerations forOrally Inhaled Drug Products andRelevance toOther Dosage Forms”

The presence of N-nitrosamines in drug products are currently an area of high regulatory and industry scrutiny, having been detected above acceptable regulatory levels in several solid oral drug products. For over 20years, there has been an expectation that N-nitrosamines be eliminated or controlled to acceptable levels in orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDP). As a result, the OINDP industry has developed and implemented risk management processes and considerations to address N-nitrosamines in final drug product, including management and understanding of upstream supply particu-larly for OINDP device and container closure systems. We provide an overview of N-nitrosamine formation, discuss key current regulatory expectations worldwide for N-nitrosamines in drug products, discuss risk management approaches relevant for drug device combination products, and share analytical “tips” with respect to handling N-nitrosamines chemi-cal assessments.

Link: An Overview and Discussion of N-nitrosamine Considerations for Orally Inhaled Drug Products and Relevance to Other Dosage Forms | SpringerLink

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