N-Nitroso N-Desmethyl Nefopam

Can we apply CPCA to calculate the AI for N-Nitroso N-Desmethyl Nefopam?
Or The nitroso group is within the cyclic ring containing an Oxygen atom, will this impact the potency of the Nitroso impurity?



I think this nitrosamine is classified the Category 1. The ring is an 8-membered ring. And nitrosamines in a cyclic ring system are not considered to have chains, I think. In addition, the aryl group bonded to α-carbon.

And I have no idea about the ring system except for the rule described in the guidance.

Thanks for the response but I was curious about the impact of Oxygen atoms on the potency calculation.

I highly suggest to go over the Ponting et al. Publication. Don’t limit yourself to the calculator… there is a great deal of information in the article that was cited in the revision.
You probably noticed that David Ponting has been engaging in lot of our discussions lately.

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