N-nitroso-rivaroxaban amide

Hello everyone ,
We have the challenge to separate the N-nitroso-rivaroxaban amide from API rivaroxaban with HPLC, which is the new NDSRI in appendix of EMA&FDA. Anyone have the experience regarding this impurity ? much thanks !!!


Dear Pu Zhao

We also working on separation of N-Nitroso Rivaroxaban amide impurity from Rivaroxaban Active peak. However it was very challenging to separate and still we working on with different column chemistry and diluents selections, So far not successful.
Dear Nitrosamine experts

We are looking forward your suggestions, how can convince agency regarding this impurity exemption?
if API ROS is not supporting to form this impurity.

Even if the ROS does not support, you can check for the presence of the precursor amine in the stress degradation data…