NEWS! New USP Community on qNMR

Not related to Nitrosamines, but I am thrilled to announce a new USP community qNMR exchange. This new community will develop engaging conversations with actual qNMR users to tackle and even resolve real-world issues. The most recent discussion focused on enhancing quantitative NMR methods for 13C and 29Si, exploring solutions to reduce data acquisition time and improve method efficiency.
However, the journey is just starting! We believe in the power of community collaboration and are reaching out for your insights and expertise. Whether you have experience in this field or are grappling with similar challenges, your input can make a significant difference.
:point_right: Join us in this collaborative endeavor. Visit qNMR Exchange ( and share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions. Together, we can push the boundaries of qNMR technology and foster a more connected and informed community. Thank you for your support and contribution to the qNMR community!

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