NitrosAMIDES - Should they be treated the same as Nitrosamines?

The mechanism of activation for N-nitrosAMINES versus N-nitrosAMIDES are discussed, and the fact that they should not be treated the same way

Pharmaceutical Technology - October 2022 - Pharmaceutical Technology - October 2022?

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Hi, @ASrinivasan.

That’s a great article. As you said, we should distinguish the other N-nitroso derivatives from N-nitrosamines. Those compounds have similar features such as structures and high potencies to nitrosamines, but are entirely different. You could clarify them in this article. It’s admirable!! Now we can consider “N-nitroso compounds” in ICH M7 as “N-nitrosamines” and “N-nitroso compounds except for N-nitrosamines”, respectively.