Nitrosamine SAR resources by Dr. Kevin Cross

Greetings. I wanted to pull together in a post the information that Kevin @kpcross has been sharing with us in the past few days related to Nitrosamine Impurities prediction and acceptable limits. I found it very educational and filled with great learnings.

  • The toxicology forum Nitrosamine session description and slides
  • Kevin’s presentation (recording) on Predicting N-Nitrosamine Activity from Structure-Activity relationships
  • Case study on the use of less-than-lifetime duration limits for Nitrosamines
  • We also learn that The Nitrosamine SAR group workgroup is developing monographs for NDMA and other popular nitrosamines that will help define clear TD50s

Thanks for the summarization Naiffer. There are new conferences on the horizon, some open to the public.

Among them is the American College of Toxicology annual meeting which includes a symposium, “Carcinogenic Nitrosamines in Food and Drugs” om Monday November 15th 9 am-noon EDT.

David Pointing @David from Lhasa LImited will be presenting the latest results from the Nitrosamine SAR workgroup entitled, “Predicting N-Nitrosamine Activity from Structure-Activity Relationships”. I will also be presenting a poster on nitrosamine research at this conference.