Nitrosamine Workshop USP / Sindusfarma / ANF ACFB -live discussion

We have created this discussion board for our LATAM Nitrosamine Workshop participants

  1. Feel free to introduce yourself to other participants, share your current work on Nitrosamines and challenges
  2. Connect with our workshop speakers directly and opportunity to share your questions
  3. Explore resources and discussions happening on All-things-Nitrosamines

Thank you to all our speakers…
É com grande satisfação que recebemos os seguintes palestrantes externos:

Ao lado de palestrantes e panelistas da USP, Sindusfarma e ANF:

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Warm welcome to our workshop participants:
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Welcome to our Workshop participants:
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A Big Thank You! to our presenters and audience on behalf of the entire team. We received SO many great questions, and we are structuring a way to share here in the community with all of you.

A few questions have been asked ofter:

  1. Where can we access the material and recordings of the presentations? We need to obtain clearance from our speakers, edit the recordings to segment the presentations and finally post them here in the community where you can access them anytime.

  2. Where can we see more of How-To? It was eye-opening how well welcome it was to hear less about concepts and more about How-to. How to put all the ideas and definitions from the different guidances into practice. Our speakers did a fantastic job presenting case studies and examples that paved the way to apply to your own product or processes.

  3. Analytical Challenges Analytical challenges are multiples. It goes far beyond accessing the equipment. That was clear in the presentations from day 2. My colleague @AmandaGuiraldelli has been adding some great discussions on our analytical category within the community. -Nitrosamines Exchange - Learn, share and discuss best practices to implement Nitrosamine Risk Assessments

We would like to hear from you! Any feedback to share with us or our speakers? Any specific topic that you would like to explore within the community? Would you like to learn more about a particular concept presented in the workshop? …

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Hello! My name is Ricardo and I’m from Brazil. Currently, I work/study at National Institute of Quality Control in Health (Instituto Nacional de Controle de Qualidade em Saúde - INCQS) in Rio de Janeiro, and the laboratory that I’m in is working with nitrosamines as well. We have developed a method and apllied it to determine them in a variety of sartans so far, and expect to do the same with other products - such as ranitidine - in a collaboration with ANVISA in its surveillance program.

As I’m new to this universe of contaminants in pharmaceutical products and, more specifically, nitrosamines, I would like to thank all the speakers for all that I could learn already!

I’m looking forward to have the recorded workshop because I could not watch it through the end both days, and I was asked to get a deeper understanding on the calculation of limits of exposure, so if you could share some references, books, articles, other workshop, anythng really, as I could study this part while I wait for the recorded material, IT WOULD BE GREAT!


Recording of the workshop are HERE – Day 1

Link to access recording: Nitrosaminas D1 on Vimeo (Below agenda and time stamps for reference)


Link to access the recording: Nitrosaminas D2 on Vimeo (Below agenda and time stamps for reference)