Nitrosamines from tertiary amines in azabicycles

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Do you think it would be likely that nitrosamines were formed from tertiary amines in azabicycles? For example, as the bicyclo structure in solifenacin:
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Theoretically, under the right conditions, Hydrolysis of Carbamate ester and subsequent nitrosation of the secondary amine.



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And in your opinion, can we assume that the aza biciclo is not a problem?
I suppose that in the hypothetical case that this cyclic was opened (nitrosative cleavage), it would form an aldehyde and a secondary amine that would in turn react intramolecularly, and therefore would not generate a nitrosamine…
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Regarding to tertiary amine in azabicycles, you can support your risk analysys with paper by Smith and Loeppky in which inertion of tertiary bridged nitrogen of Quinuclidine for nitrosation was shown.

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Thanks so much for you reply and paper Rafa! It really helps!!