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Here is my new task. Limit for Nitroso-melatonin (NOMel).
CPCA approach is not applicable as per guidelines, Additionally, the potency categorisation approach does not apply to N-nitrosamines where the N-nitroso group is attached to a nitrogen within a hetero aromatic ring (e.g., nitrosated indole).

My first thought was to run the LCBD database but no structural-similar molecules…

So second thought to see through the already established AI and find any structural similar moiety. I trust the most similar is NPYR (AI 1700 ng).

Finally, several publications discuss the the suspected carcinogenical potential of NOMela is clearly overruled

Do you think that this can work?

Did you have the chance to deal with such NCOs in the past?

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If not already done, you may want to check out these articles:
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