On the Risk of Nitrosamine Contamination during blister packaging

If you recall at the “Mitigation Strategies for Nitrosamine Drug Substance Related Impurities” FDA & CRCG) last June, Dr. Justin Moser explained some of Merck’s Nitrosamines Team’s tools and approaches to address the formation risk in Drug Products. (recording and presentation are accessible in the post)

One of the approaches was around strategies for evaluating the blister packaging process and materials to quantify the risk of Nitrosamines formation.

The presentation referenced a publication by Zheng et al. “On the risk of Nitrosamines Contamination During Drug Product Blister Packaging.”

On the Risk of Nitrosamine Contamination during Drug Product Blister Packaging - Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (jpharmsci.org)

The approaches shared in this article are great best practices and can be incorporated into risk assessment for nitrosamine contamination during drug product packaging at other pharmaceutical companies


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