Personal perspective on N-Nitrosamines and recent revision of guidelines

dear all

I just wanted to share with you the news that I will de talking for the first time in depth in respect of the implications of the revised EMA Q&A and Health Canada guidance at the following event in September


Dear Andy,

By any chance is possible to attend online?


@Diego_HM , you read my mind.

thanks for the questions:

In terms of the course I run this twice yearly. Once face to face the other virtually (planned for March 2024). However I can examine the feasibility of making the Sept event a hybrid


I kindly request your thoughtful consideration of this hypothesis.

In terms of attending this remotely I have discussed with the organisers - Scientific update and they do not support this unfortunately. That said I will present this as a virtual course in April 2024.


@AndyTeasdale if you would like I can offer the nitrosamine exchange as a platform to host such discussion. We are hosting Raphy next week to talk about the safety implication of the updates on a very casual dialog with our community members!

I’ll be happy to work with you on it