PhARMA - Global Workshop on Nitrosamine (Part II) *FREE*

If you participated last September on this 2-day workshop, you know how insightful and current was the information shared by all speakers (and also members of Nitrosamine Exchange community)

Part 2 of this ‘Global Workshop Serie on Nitrosamine Impurities’ will be October 25-26 9am-12pm US EST.

Francis Goodwin, Deborah Johnson, David Keire will be representing FDA, if you follow Nitrosamine these names are familiar to you when comes to FDA. Important key speakers: @ejdowse @schlinjo1975

Information and registration here: Summary - Global Workshop Series on Nitrosamine Impurities


Enclosed are the links to the Powerpoints
bc36e0ff97b14c65b298fd402078570f.pdf (3.0 MB)

d579a4acfd6e49c18a8217b7c144c571.pdf (2.1 MB)

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