Ranitidine back in the news!

This week another organization agrees to settle over 10K lawsuits linking Nitrosamines in Ranitidine. This follow last month settle of about 4,000 lawsuits by another company.


I am in opinion that the settling of lawsuits should not be taken as a direct message that nitrosamines in Zantac are real cause for the cancer.

This strategy chosen by global companies is just, in interest of saving time and money that is being spent moving around the judicial courts!


I don’t see any class action against the restaurants which propose fried bacon in the menù…
These legal actions are frequent in USA; to the best of my knowledge, no legal action has bee raised in Europe, nor for Zantac, nor for other products,

N-Nitrosamines and their Precursors in Bacon: A Review

N‐Nitrosamine Ingestion from Consumer‐Cooked Bacon


It nails are also growing and u are cutting them daily? Or am
I wrong?
Nitrosamines in drugs and food need to be eliminated because thay are one of most adequate explanations for the cancer and skin cancer pandemics!
Sanofi and Pfizer hasn’t payed 350 millions because the NDMA in ranitidine doesn’t cause cancer!!! This is more than clear!
The same will happen with metformin, singleton and
Many other drugs …