Risk analysis of nitrosamine impurities in liquid products (essences and flavors)

Dear all,

I am doing a risk analysis of nitrosamine impurities in liquid products. In my research, I have not been able to determine the structure or composition of essences and flavors, raw materials involved in the manufacturing process of liquid products. For this reason, it has not been possible to establish a criterion in the risk analysis to determine how the presence of these raw materials influences the formation of nitrosamines.

In view of the above, I would like to know how this subject is covered and how the risk is assessed for these raw materials.

Thanks in advance!
Laura Parra

Hola Laura,
Te recomiendo revisar esta discusion pasada sobre ese tema precisamente… Saludos!

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Greetings Naiffer,

Thank you for your response. I am going to address that discussion.