Risk assessment for Nitrosated pharmaceutical : a future prespective in drug development

A very good article published in Wiley Online Library.
The article highlights about nitrosation assay procedure into high-resolution supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)–mass spectrometry screening to test the potential of direct nitrosation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
The forced degradation study was performed with a four-fold molar excess of sodium nitrite, relative to the drug substance, at pH 3–4 for 4 h at 37°C. Chromatographic separation was performed on a porous graphitic carbon column by SFC. The mass analysis then focused on direct N-nitrosation or N- nitroso compounds (NOCs) formed after dealkylation. Substances ( n = 67) from various pharmaceutical classes were evaluated and 49.3% of them formed NOCs, of which 21.2% have not yet been reported in the literature. In addition, for two APIs, which are known to form an unidentified NOC, the structure could be identified. A few substances also showed multiple NOCs and even N,N’-dinitroso-species. As NAs are carcinogens, they have to be eliminated or at least limited to prevent cancer in patients, who rely on these drugs. This study contributes a procedure that can be implemented in preapproval drug development and postapproval risk assessment to prevent unexpected findings in the future.

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