Self introduction

Hi I’m Lingaraju BS having 17 years experience in QA/QC. Currently working in Medreich R&D Bangalore for analytical QA.

Hello Everyone, I’m Jaime Ivan Ibarra, working for the pharmaceutical Industry, over 9 years in QA/QC area, Currently working in Bayer Mexico, collaborating with the risk assessment of nitrosamines presence in products

@VQuesneau @AlanAtkins @MINALV @Sanja @Jarlath @vesna Welcome to The Nitrosamine Exchange … thanks for taking the invitation to join the community. I hope you enjoyed the experience and information shared at the ‘Genotoxic Impurities Online Summit’
I hope you bring questions, experiences, and challenges to share with our entire community.
We already started a question raised during today’s session related to the use of MW Adjustment when determining AIs values for Complex Nitrosamines.