USP <1469> goes live Today

Sharing with our community members that USP’s chapter <1469> Nitrosamine Impurities goes live today. Now you can access it via your USP-NF access. Our USP’s European team hosted this afternoon @AmandaGuiraldelli to present some highlights of the chapter details and provide an opportunity to ask some questions.

We also extended an invite to our webinar participants to be part of our Nitrosamine Exchange community. Warm welcome to our participants: @Erieldes @jgoodman @Wasylenko @janki @tsammeli @tnovotny @jakob.bonde @quimicoanalitico8 @Khalid @Anouk @JohannesReiner @BettineBoltres @igorbv @Rita

Please feel to introduce yourself to our community, and help us by contributing to current or new questions…



Dear Naiffer,

thank you for the warm welcome. My name is Johannes i am working for a pharmaceutical/medical company from germany and i am looking forward for some fruitfull dicscussion on nitrosamine related topics.

All the best Johannes

Busy week here for the USP team working on <1469> Nitrosamine Impurities. I have been part of some really great discussions happening about new ideas and concepts to incorporate as part of USP’s toolbox for Nitrosamines… @AmandaGuiraldelli

Busy weeks since the USP Chapter <1469> became online on 1st June. Scientific webinars and courses on the topic have been delivered over these last days where we have a great opportunity for knowledge exchange!

@Naiffer_Host , would you have some interesting discussion to share from the Joint MHLW/PMDA-USP Workshop?