Webinar on Antioxidants, a safe and viable inhibition strategy for Nitrosamine formation in drug products

Enclosed is the Regisatration link for the session​:point_down:


@DAB great, thanks for sharing. What is your opinion of this mitigation strategy?

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@Zdravka There are several posts on this control strategy topic. I suggest you search for topics connected to community member Dr. Aloka Srinivasan (@ASrinivasan).

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@Naiffer_Host thank you, I will

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Hi @Zdravka
Antioxidants are often employed in drug substances and drug products to mitigate /reduce formation of potential oxidative degradants. The same concept can also be extended in mitigating/reducing formation of Nitrosamines. it is one of the risk mitigating strategies being proposed and evaluated.

Enclosed is the link to the recording of this session:

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