Measuring Nitrites in headspace

Has anyone had success measuring Nitrite levels in the headspace of a package at 10-50 ppb level using GC? I myself am not an analytical scientist but supporting colleagues who are not on the exchange. Hoping to get them some valuable insights. I see others have inquired about testing in the drug product however this may be diff method required. We are stressing product at 60 degrees for a few days.


Maybe this post can help as a starting point!

Thank you Naiffer. Yes good starting point. The detailed journal we do not have access to however our scientist can choose to purchase I think. I saw some info on oxidation but not Nitrite testing in headspace which has been tricky. Thanks for the support and reply.

Hi, @MRiccio,

If you mentioned the ATNA, the following thread is helpful. And @Andrew.James will kindly help you. He is a professional in this field.

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Thanks @Yosukemino for copying me in.

Hi @MRiccio

I have had a quick chat with our applications team. Direct GC headspace might prove very tricky from a sampling perspective. If it is nitrite levels in the packaging you are ultimately trying to determine then the ATNA system may be able to help. I think we would need to understand in a bit more detail what your hoping to do. If you and your team would like a chat to go over it and pick the brains of my apps team about what might be possible more than happy to put aside some time just let me know.

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