USP Workshop: Control of Nitrosamine and Other Mutagenic Impurities in Human Drugs

Please do not miss the opportunity to participate in this Nitrosamine Workshop organized by our team in USP China, with participation from FDA, USP, EDQM, ZJIFDC, PMDA, and industry experts from our USP Exchange will be participating @drbmrao @conudel @ASrinivasan @AmandaGuiraldelli @David @AndyTeasdale

  • May 27th, 2022, 8:30-18:30 China Standard Time UT+8:00 (Shanghai, China)

Registration free here: USP Workshop: Control of Nitrosamine and Other Mutagenic Impurities in Human Drugs

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Thanks for sharing information. Regards.

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Thanks for sharing information

Dr. Jason Rodrigues from FDA present the essential components of analytical methods for the testing of Nitrosamine Impurities:


Impressed how the organising committee solved the screen sharing problem of Dr Biba


Dr. Fan Wu shared some of the challenges faced by Excipient Manufacturers. Wonderful to see the work that his team has done to advance the knowledge of Nitrosamine and Excipients


A warm welcome to Nitrosamine Exchange – Knowledge Community. Thanks for your participation in USP Nitrosamine Workshop.

You are now part of a community of 1500+ Analytical, Organic, Medicinal Chemists, Toxicologist, Advocacy groups, and regulators taking charge of all things Nitrosamines.

From sharing knowledge, and best practices, discussing recent research, developing solutions, helping to answer each other questions, to discussing regulatory approaches. This community is a dynamic and inclusive forum for everybody working on Nitrosamines.

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Dr. Jinqi Zheng from Zhejiang Institute for Food and Drug Control and NMPA discussed the approach to predicting Nitrosamines Genotoxicity using QSAR and AMES test

Hi! It was a very interesting event. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in full. I would like to know if a recording of this workshop will be available?

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Same question here @Naiffer_Host

Dr. BM Rao @drbmrao pointed out during his presentation Industry next level challenges

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Would like to thank USP China for sending a link to the slides of 6 of the talks stored in Baidu to the attendees yesterday. There was a language problem for those of us who don’t read Chinese to navigate the pages so when I asked they sent a zip file. Much easier for those outside China IMHO

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